“Walking. Movements North of Bolzano” – The Collection of Erling Kagge

Rødland Torbjørn, White Head, 2000, Collection Erling Kagge

Opening 11.09.2020, 19 h

12.09.2020 – 14.02.2021

Museion presents Erling Kagge’s collection for the first time ever in Italy. The Norwegian explorer, in fact, is famous not only for his extreme enterprises, but also for being a passionate collector of contemporary art, which he says he collects with the same spirit of adventure he has when exploring. Curiosity is therefore the leitmotif of this exhibition that will lead the public through a series of creative, Northern European artists, some more famous than others, with a particular focus on painting. A section of the exhibition is also dedicated to Raymond Pettibon and features works from the Kagge and Museion Collections.