Sonia Leimer

Sonia Leimer, Space Junk, 2019, Halfway Vienna. Foto Wolfgang Thaler

Opening 09.10.2020, 19 h  

10.10.2020 – Early 2021

The work of Sonia Leimer (b. Merano, 1977) calls into question the foundations of our perception, which are based on individual, historic and media-based experience models. Her sculptures, videos and installations alternate between real locations and imaginary cinema-like contexts and indefinite dimensions, such as cosmic galaxies that are so far away they are practically virtual. Significantly, the focus of her solo exhibition at Museion, which is presented as the artist’s first solo show, is space waste – a subject that Leimer has returned to again and again in her work. The exhibition will therefore feature a number of metal sculptures, created as space waste that has fallen to earth and which the artist has reconstructed in detail.

Curated by Letizia Ragaglia e Frida Carazzato