Exhibitions 2013


Diego Perrone
Il servo astuto

06/10/13 – 02/02/14 Diego Perrone presents a new project for the Project Room, produced in collaboration with Vetroricerca Glass & Modern. Experimental techniques meet classical traditions […]

Marco Raparelli
Cosa succede

  projections:05, 12, 19, 26 ∕ 09 ∕ 2013, 10 – 12 p.m.

Rosemarie Trockel
Parade, 1993

projections: 21/11, 8 – 8.15 p.m. 22/11, 10 – 12 p.m. 30/11, 1 – 1.4 p.m. 5/12 & 12/12, 10 – 11 p.m.  

Klara Lidén

14/09/13 – 12/01/14 Curated by Letizia Ragaglia Museion presents the first solo exhibition of Klara Lidén in Italy. The artist, born in Stockholm in 1979, has […]

Klaus Pobitzer

When the man on the street becomes a work of art: Klaus Pobitzer’s giant “People” take over Museion Passage.

Migros Meets Museion
20th Century Remix

06/10/12 – 09/06/13 A dialogue between two collections, the exhibition “Migros Meets Museion” brings together an important nucleus of works from the collection of the Migros […]

Rosemarie Trockel “Flagrant Delight”

02/02/13 – 01/05/13 Rosemarie Trockel (1952, Schwerte, Germany) is held to be one of the most important international artists of our times. Flagrant Delight brings together […]

Rainer Gamsjäger

20/06/138 p.m. The video of Rainer Gamsjäger is part of the exhibition “Desiring the Real. Austria Contemporary”, curated by Karin Zimmer.

Ciprian Mureşan
Page by Page

For the media façade Ciprian Mureşan (1977, Dej, lives and works in Cluj, Romania) has reworked a number of his animations of micro-actions, some of which […]

Little Movements II: Self-practice in Contemporary Art

29/06-03/11/2013 Curated by Liu Ding and Carol Yinghua Lu. What does producing art mean in today’s globalised world? Museion’s thematic exhibition for 2013, presented by the […]

Brigitte Mahlknecht
A Line Describing the Surface

In the video by Brigitte Mahlknecht (Bolzano 1966, lives and works in Vienna), the architectural grid of Museion’s façade takes the form of a cage inside […]

Ian Tweedy
16 march1944

The video by Ian Tweedy (1982, Hahn, Germany. Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York), produced specifically for Museion’s media façade, is composed of multiple drawing […]