The contemporary.  Museion aspires to be a centre of excellence for contemporary art, and plays an active role on the international art and culture scene. From this key vantage point we seek out and select the most significant and representative issues, works and artists on the global panorama.

Engagement.  Museion is committed to bringing contemporary art to as many people as possible. Its innovative, inclusive programme of mediation activities is designed to appeal to a broad range of diverse audiences.

Partnerships. Museion’s vocation as a cultural hub shines through in its partnerships, which see it acting as a key platform for contemporary culture events, making its venues and channels of communications available to its partners, and working together to create new contents.

Collecting for tomorrow.  Every year Museion acquires new works for its collection, safeguarding them for the future. Many of the works that join the collection are created by artists on occasion of solo shows in the museum, and therefore document our past exhibition programmes and the range of issues explored.

The younger generations. Museion devotes specific attention to the up and coming generations, and is committed to creating the conditions for local artists to engage with a broader international panorama. Among other things, this also translates into an art prize that celebrates the work of local artists under the age of 35.