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29.05.2020 – Karin Sander. Skulptur/ Sculpture/ Scultura
until 20.09.2020
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29.05.2020 –  Studio House, Butch-ennial Contemporary Art Group, P.O.V. Point of View
until 13.09.2020
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25.05.2020 – Museion reopens on Friday May 29th 2020 with two new exhibitions
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15.05.2020 – Museion Media Facade – Cioni Carpi, Point and Counterpoint
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02.04.2020 – #TeleMuseion continues with numerous ways for you to “feel” that art is by your side
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13.03.2020 – #TeleMuseion –“Never more than now has art invited us to embrace our fellow citizens, the unknown and solidarity. Culture, in all its forms, in moments such as these, really does become a necessary commodity. Stay at home, stay with us, follow #TeleMuseion!” In a video message, the director of Museion, Letizia Ragaglia, launches “#TeleMuseion”: a series of initiatives via web and social media, in which Museion will remain virtually close to its publics .
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-25/10/2019 – Erling Kagge is the 2020 guest curator at Museion

08/07/2019 – Bart van der Heide appointed Director at Museion, Bolzano
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Intermedia. Archivio di Nuova Scrittura.
until 07/06/2020
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