This little room will display works from Bolzano’s modern and contemporary art museum so that the people living in this neighbourhood can see them. Commissioned by Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano – Alto Adige Italian culture, the work is dedicated to all those who pass by, and look at it, even just for a moment“.

Alberto Garutti

Created in 2003, the Piccolo Museion – Cubo Garutti is a work by Alberto Garutti. It functions as an outlying venue for Museion in the Don Bosco neighbourhood of Bolzano, and every year, as well as exhibiting works from the Museion collection, it also hosts projects created specifically for the neighbourhood.

The address of Cubo Garutti is Via Sassari 17b – Bolzano.


For all current projects at the Cubo Garutti, please visit the page Cubo Garutti Exhibitions


Past special projects
2005 – special project by Jota Castro
2006 – special project by Claire Fontaine
2007 – special project by Netzhalde
2008 – special project by Rossella Biscotti
2009 – special project “Grande Riffa al Don Bosco”, by Daniele Ansidei and Alessandro Sambini. Curated by Denis Isaia 2010 – special project by Marina Fulgeri
2011 – special project 2+Cubo