01_Museion Fassade_Muresan_WEB

Transparency and movement: the sculptural effect that characterises the Museion building springs from the contrast between the weighty, closed metal shell of the side walls and the funnel-shaped, transparent glass façades. When the sun goes down a sophisticated system closes the slats on the two façades, draws back the curtains and activates the 36 video projectors distributed on the different floors of the building, transforming the glass surface into the museum’s fifth exhibition ‘floor’.
The façade of Museion is a sort of “transparent membrane” that both divides and creates a point of contact between the urban setting and the museum. It hosts screenings of videos, photos and animations that the artists select to forge a dialogue with Museion’s architectural structure and the urban landscape.
The Media Façade combines its captivating dimension and state of the art technology with the impact and concrete presence of a piece of architecture designed to be a prominent feature of the local landscape by both day and night.

The two Media Façades can operate simultaneously or alternately, depending on the artistic project in question, opting for the façade that faces the city centre or the other side towards the grassy banks of the Talvera river. On both sides there is the opportunity to amplify the scope of this art that “escapes” out of Museion, using sound: the benches positioned by both entrances to the museum function as speakers connected to each façade.
Museion’s Media Façade thus represents a challenge for artists invited to interact with this alternative exhibition venue – a high-tech venue on a grand scale with a very public presence.