Simon Starling
Inverted funicular bridge

24/05 – 01/11/2009
Inverted funicular bridge

Simon Starling (*1967, Epsom, Great Britain, lives and works in Copenhagen), creates works that tackle natural and cultural processes of transformation. To this end he forges or traces unexpected relations between diverse contexts, exploring the origins and more obscure aspects of fields like chemistry, the economy, ecology, and the history of 20th century art.

His modus operandi includes research and documentation, comparisons between distant places and times, and coming up with new ways of presenting and interpreting the things that surround us. When Starling presents an object he invites the spectator to explore the history behind it, its process of construction and the transformations it has undergone, thus taking a stand against the more superficial aspects of our globalized culture. “Inverted funicular bridge” is a bridge made of hemp ropes hung from the ceiling on hooks, and then impregnated with hardening resin. After that the entire structure will be turned upside down. The work has a close connection to architecture: it is constructed in the place where it is displayed, and visitors will actually be able to walk over its sweeping arc, which turns out to be unexpectedly robust.
Opening: 23 /05/2009


Curated by Letizia Ragaglia Curatorial assitant Eva Fabbris