Monica Bonvicini

03/10/2009 – 10/01/2010

Monica Bonvicini, one of the Italian artists best known internationally, developed her expressive and formal outlook in the field of sculpture. Her works, which often contain a subtle vein of humour, are an irreverent reinterpretation of various contemporary legends, laying bare the complex relationship between power structures, residential scenarios and exhibition space.
The leitmotiv of the entire exhibition is the theme of processuality. The link between architecture, the genre, together with that of the language, is a key theme in the work of Monica Bonvicini: “I have never done a work on a particular building, I am not interested in critiquing specific architects. I am interested in architecture as a whole. You can, if you wish, avoid people, but you always have to deal with architecture… in that sense maybe I hate it, as a limitation of space that you always come up against. Memory and identity cannot exist without architecture: it is something indispensable and elementary but at the same time it can develop in virtuous forms of all kinds”. Another theme is her irreverent re-interpretation of the classic concept of artistic “creation”. Bonvicini creates works in which the main element is both the construction of the work and its destruction. Her works often have a performative character. The installation in its entirety forces the spectator to actively face the hierarchical relationship with architecture, a relationship that is normally only experienced on a passive, unconscious level. A critical confrontation with architecture is the basis of all of Monica Bonvicini’s works.
Opening: 02/10/2009

Curated by Letizia Ragaglia