Alicja Kwade
Broken Away from Common Standpoints

25/03 – 15/05/2010

Alicja Kwade’s exhibition “Broken Away from Common Standpoints” is the first event in “Six Ways to Sunday”, a programme which every year sees Peep-Hole dedicating an event to a partnership with an international museum, becoming a temporary satellite project room for the museum in question. With “Six Ways to Sunday” Peep-Hole explores the programmes of six international museums with leading contemporary art programmes.
The museum invited to open the series is Museion  and with Peep-Hole is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Italy by Polish-born/Berlin-based artist Alicja Kwade. Kwade transforms Peep-Hole venue into a fairy-tale, festive landscape. Dozens of ballerina figurines collected by the artist over the years fill the entire exhibition space with their seductive forms. All from different periods and places, in their diversity and uniqueness the figurines of “Weisses Gold (animal metaphysicum)” (2010), all strike a similar pose, with their arms raised above their heads. They also have something else in common apart from their poses: they all look in the same direction. The artist has altered the face of each figurine, redesigning them to make them all look upwards. The antique, slightly kitsch appeal of the figurines combines with the erotic power of the pose and the almost religious ecstasy it contains.
Opening: 24/03/2010

Curated by Letizia Ragaglia, Museion Bruna Roccasalva, Vincenzo de Bellis, Peep-Hole In collaboration with Peep-Hole, Milan