Gabriel Kuri
Soft Information In Your Hard Facts

04/06 – 15/08/2010
Soft Information In Your Hard Facts

The exhibition conceived for Museion presented recent works, created over a period of seven years, made using a vast range of materials, such as plastic, cement, stone, chipboard, nylon and various ready-mades: found objects with slight modifications to their function deriving from the association with the context.

As the title suggests, Soft Information In Your Hard Facts revolved around the tension created by the dialectical opposition of hard and soft, in terms of both the actual composition of the works and the metaphorical and allusive meanings.

Like most of Gabriel Kuri’s works, are also the result of an analysis of the qualities and potential of the materials they are made up of, and their intrinsic semantic implications. They are also a reflection of his own personal, formal representation of a wider theoretical and critical discourse, which revolves around the logic and value of exchange. On one hand, therefore, the pieces physically negotiate a balance between a fixed, hard element – such as a given form, an angular corner, an industrially produced material or a precise socially assigned function – and a soft agent, like contingency, circumstance, a fragment of ephemeral information. On the other hand, this dichotomy metaphorically reflects on the status of things and objects. The works become a sort of tool, as underlined by the subtly paradoxical title, implying a state of latent doubt. They act as subtle interferences, little intrusions, which call all our certainties into question.

Curated by Vincenzo de Bellis

Gabriel Kuri – Soft Information in Your Hard Facts
, 2010