Nico Vascellari

04/06 – 29/08/2010

The exhibition is part of Museion’s programme of events dedicated to the different facets of sculpture. Nico Vascellari’s project revolves around an imposing monolith created from a cast of a piece of mountain detonated to form the starting point for the work. Alongside the sculpture the exhibition presents a series of collages dedicated to the theme of sunset and intended as studies for the lighting of the sculpture – together with other new works.
After the opening the soundtrack of the opening performance will be played in the venue. With a background in the underground scene as leader of the punk-noise group With Love, an experience the artist recently revisited in the project Lago Morto for the Kunstalle in Graz in 2009, Vascellari operates in the field of underground culture and visual arts, using photography, video and sculpture, with performance providing the key to interpret his work. His works are made of a wide range of different materials – fabric, everyday items, traditional objects and new generation lights and instruments. The tribal, collective dimension, and the quest to create an all-embracing experience play a key role in his works. The spaces that host his performances are dense and involving, with the focus on improvisation and interaction with the public. Besides this aspect, his actions always draw on personal experience, and represent a public version of domestic situations, gestures and citations of the self, an overlapping of multicultural references that mixes the grotesque, the baroque and the commonplace.
Opening: 03/06/2010

Curated by Letizia Ragaglia

Nico Vascellari
, 2010