Sonia Leimer
Along those lines

04/02/12 – 18/03/12

The artist inaugurating Museion’s project room is Sonia Leimer (Merano, 1977) with the work Along those lines. 

In the project conceived for Museion, the artist draws on the imagery of Western films to explore the notion of territory, from a geographical, cultural and physical point of view, in this case represented by the exhibition venue. The installation forges a dialogue between various media: from video to collage to sculptural elements.

The video “Western” starts with the camera slowly panning over a landscape reminiscent of Western films, until it encounters an all-female orchestra playing the famous soundtrack composed by Elmer Bernstein for John Sturges’ film “The Magnificent Seven” (1960). Film has always influenced Sonia Leimer’s work and continues to do so.

The machine at the heart of it and the notion of time that characterises are used as a point of departure, and at times a tool to articulate a specific subject and destabilise a given situation. Sonia Leimer deploys paradox and distancing effects in her work, accompanied by a meticulous attention to detail.

Whether installations in public space or pieces created for art’s official venues, her works always spring from an exploration of the concrete manifestations of objects and their interactions with the experiences of those who created them.

Curated by Frida Carazzato