Stefano Cagol
Evoke Provoke (the border)

16, 23, 24 & 30/05/12

10pm – midnight, Media Façade, projection 

Opening the series of projections on the Musieon Media Façade is Stefano Cagol’s video “Evoke Provoke (the border)”, 2011, part of the “Concilio project” that the artist created for the 54th Venice Biennale, and reworked for Museion.

The video is dominated by snow and ice, in contrast with other elements like air, fire, light and water. The action takes place in Kirkenes, Norway, inside the Arctic Circle, at a specific time of day, when the light dwindles to an hour of dusk before making way for total darkness. The artist occupies the centre of the façade, attempting to melt the snow and ice with a flame from a can of hairspray, recalling the actions of urban gangs. It is a display of power, an attempt to reduce the “frontier of opposition”.


Curated by Frida Carazzato