Isola and Norzi,
“Large Glass (Editing)”

03, 12, 19 & 26/09/2012

A tropical fish swims slowly past. A scuba diver, armed with sponge and suction cup, starts cleaning the surface of a tank. In Isola and Norzi’s video Museion appears to be full of water, literally “transformed” into a giant aquarium.
The scene really appears to be taking place inside the museum, and the only thing separating us from the water that has flooded the building is a “large glass”.

“Large Glass” was shot during the production of a photographic work presented for the first time in Venice in 2010, entitled “A Ballad of the Flooded Museum”. Adapted for Museion, it is set in the large tropical tank at New York’s aquarium in Coney Island.

The themes of dividing lines, limits and the ambivalence between reality and make-believe are the leitmotiv of the entire series of screenings for Museion’s media façade. The piece by Isola and Norzi also explores the relationships between reality and representation: the idea of the flooded museum plays with the parallels between display case, television screen and fish tank.


Member of AMACI
AMACI programme for Italian art


Hilario Isola e Matteo Norzi, Large Glass (Editing), Museion, facciata mediale 2012.
Foto: Othmar Seehauser