Paolo Riolzi  “Vetrinette”

21/09/2012 – 18/11/2012

Who could ever forget those old-fashioned display cabinets, bearing the best china, photographs, souvenirs and memories of a lifetime? Paolo Riolzi, in his project “Vetrinette” aimed to create a photographic world of our collective identity via the individual micro-stories told in these cabinets.

The project travelled through various cities in Italy before reaching Bolzano. On exhibition in the Museion Project Room were 1:1 scale photographs of the six display cabinets that were involved in this multi-phase project. Previously the cabinets had been on display, as part of the project, in the Cubo Garutti, the detached “little Museion” in the Don Bosco area of the city.



Curated by Frida Carazzato

Special thanks to all the families that participated in this project, to the Vispa Teresa Association, Zanella Antiques and the Faculty of Art and Design of the Free University of Bolzano.