Gli oggetti si raccontano.
Opere dalle collezioni di Museion e del Museo Civico di Bolzano

Contemporary art and history can complement each other. Museion and the Municipal Museum of Bolzano have together developed on occasion of the “year of the museum object”, promoted by the department Museums of the autonomous Province of Bolzano, a project for the little Museion – Cubo Garutti in Via Sassari, Bolzano. Three theme-exhibitions will be presented in 2013, in which historically precious objects from the Municipal Museum of Bolzano will be in dialogue with contemporary artworks from the Museion collection.

First exhibition:

13/02/13 – 03/04/13
Daniel Spoerri “Les Nouveaux Réalistes”

Daily life is the basis of the first theme-exhibition in “Cubo Garutti”. The theme is the table. What, in fact, is more common in daily life than the dinner table. A corresponding period-furniture, with mouth-blown glass chalices, cups of the Schramberg-Manufaktur eith a bohemian porcelain plate placed upon it is exhibited in little Museion. These items belong to the collection of the Municipal Museum of Bolzano and are reminiscent of the bourgeois dinner ceremony.
Next to it – like a unorthodox reflection – pends art of the seventies or rather, another table, which has been pasted on the wall of the exhibition space. It implies that someone has just been eating on this table – you can see full ashtrays, cups with crusted coffee remains and used napkins. This pasted table, from the Museion collection, is a pop-up paper-image by the famous Romanian artist Daniel Spoerri.

Spoerri (1930, Galati, Romania) became famous for his Tableaux pièges, folded images. He was one of the signatories of the establishment-manifest of the Nouveau Réalistes. This Nouveau Réalistes worked with trivial everyday objects, to integrate art into daily life. Remains of meals, garbage and broken furniture emerged from this.

Daniel Spoerri, Les Nouveaux Réalistes, 1973, Museion Foundation, Museum for modern and contemporary art Bolzano – Collection Archivio di Nuova Scrittura



Second appointment

02/09 – 28/10/2014





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