Ian Tweedy
16 march1944

Museion, Medienfassade, Ian Tweedy, Foto: Othmar Seehauser

The video by Ian Tweedy (1982, Hahn, Germany. Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York), produced specifically for Museion’s media façade, is composed of multiple drawing from the artist’s personal archive.

Taken together, the sequence of images creates a sort of fictionalised account of Joseph Beuys’ (1921 – 1986) last flight as a bomber pilot. The famous German artist’s plane was shot down in a snow storm over the Crimean front during the Second World War. Seriously injured in the crash, Joseph Beuys was taken in by a group of nomadic Tartars, who treated his wounds with honey, grease and felt – materials that he went on to use in his artistic practice. Although this episode, which strongly marked his life and shaped his artistic career, is thought to be not entirely true, it has nonetheless granted legendary status to the artist and this part of his life. The video centres on the fall of a man and his “resurrection” through myth-making but above all Art.