Géographie- Bolzano

7 p.m.

Presented for the first time in Italy in Museion in the context of Transart 2013, the piece “Géographie- Bolzano, 2013” is a work that sets out to play with our expectations and therefore explores questions of time, perception and the special relationship that forms with the visitors present on each occasion.

After its recent showing in Lyon, and that in Vilnius in 2012, the choreographers Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet, known as les gens d’Uterpan, present the piece Géographie in Bolzano. The name is no coincidence for a project that takes shape according to the location where it is staged, acquiring a different look, architectural structure and make-up each time. To highlight the distinctive nature of the Bolzano piece the project will thus be entitled “Géographie- Bolzano, 2013”.

Géographie is a score for a group of performers designed to take place within the spatial limitations of the place where it occurs. The performers are chosen from the country where the choreographic work is to be presented.
The perimeter of the floor occupied by the performers’ movements determines the plan for building a structure (with the means and materials available in the space) that will contain the choreographic work. The exhibition space in which the structure exists will remain open to visitors during usual visiting hours. The presence or absence of the performers inside follows a rhythm that is not made public, and is only perceptible through the use of sound and mechanical vibrations of materials coming from within the structure.

In their work les gens d’Uterpan create new modes of presence and appearance, of producing and activating performance, questioning the norms that govern “the living arts & exhibitions”. Géographie thus forges a critical dialogue between the dimensions and rules of the performing arts and those of the venue, culminating in an extreme fusion of sculpture and performance. The Bolzano piece is part of a cycle of creation entitled re|action following the renowned X-Event presented at the Lyon Biennial in 2007. Géographie- Bolzano, 2013 has been developed in collaboration with CAC Brétigny (The Contemporary Art Centre, Brétigny, France) and is curated by Pierre Bal Blanc, its artistic director. The exploration of space and architecture undertaken in the performance by les gens d’Uterpan connects up to one of the main themes of Museion’s programme of exhibitions for 2014.

Géographie- Bolzano, 2013. Choreographers: Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet (les gens d’Uterpan)
Dancers: Anastasia Kostner, Evelyn Petruzzino, Giulia Tornarolli
With the backing of Regional Cultural Affairs, Office of Ile-de-France – French Ministry of Culture and Communication

A cooperation between Transart, Museion and the CAC Brétigny

Géographie- Bolzano, 2013
From 18th to 22nd September,
opening times:
Wednesday 18th September, from 7 pm
Thursday 19th September, 10 am – 10 pm
From Friday 20th to
Sunday 22nd September, 10 am – 6 pm

Admission free.