Diego Perrone
Il servo astuto

06/10/13 – 02/02/14

Diego Perrone presents a new project for the Project Room, produced in collaboration with Vetroricerca Glass & Modern.
Experimental techniques meet classical traditions in the sculptures created for Museion: past and present come together in an elusive new dimension.

Curated by Frida Carazzato

For the exhibition three imposing glass sculptures will be taking up residence in the Project Room. The works are the result of a lengthy creative process: the artist selected details from a number of photographic portraits, transformed them into drawings and then transferred those onto the three-dimensional plane of wax sculptures. These forms then gave rise to the glass sculptures, which were fired in the furnace at Vetroricerca using the traditional pâte de verre technique.

In the transparency and colours of the glass, fragments of faces can be seen – bringing to mind the profiles on coins, ancient coinage in particular. Indeed Perrone’s work often interprets classic themes and images from art history or popular culture.

The sculptures created for the Project Room resonate with echoes of the past and classical culture. History appears to have found a place in the contemporary scenario – but in an entirely new, indefinable dimension. Thanks to the inherent potential of glass, the references to classical coins and portraiture contained in the sculptures are merely a point of departure: the faces and profiles merge before our eyes, becoming difficult to make out. In the different colours the glass acquires, these eerie-looking images create an almost painterly landscape; the figurative aspect of each sculpture becomes less evident, making way for the mystery it contains, what is not revealed. As typical in his art, the images created by Perrone generate others, not revealing a single clear meaning but giving rise to an ongoing creative process.