Nanni Balestrini
Oltre la poesia

15/11/2014 – 22/02/2015

Curated by Andreas Hapkemeyer


The project, produced directly in collaboration with Nanni Balestrini, is inspired by the materials  present in the Museion collection (ANS), extending to works from the artist’s studio. The  presentation aims to offer an overview of Balestrini’s works from the 1960s onwards, focusing in particular on the various media used: from the “Pagine” of the ‘60s to the various groups of collages of the ’70s and ’80s, to the “Plis” of the ’90s to the never-ending film “Tristanoil”, presented for the first time on occasion of documenta 2012. The scope of the works and the media used highlights the inventive, innovative potential of this poet artist, born in 1935. His pieces demonstrate the topical relevance of the relationship between image and text and showcase his contemporary take on the visual poetry of the 60s and 70s.