Talk with Zenzi Glatt

18/12/2014, 5.00 p.m.

Museion pays tribute to Zenzi Glatt – artist and centenarian from Merano with a conversation between the artist and Letizia Ragaglia, director of the museum. Zenzi Glatt, who began her artistic career at the age of 59, continues to paint abstract works that hint at a colourful, radiant vision of nature. Her paintings reflect the sunny, dynamic outlook she maintains, despite having lived through two World Wars and the arrival of Nazism and Fascism in South Tyrol, as well as nine popes and two emperors, as she ironically recalls. Glatt has a propensity for large scale works and is always experimenting with new materials, from marble dust to sand, oil and acrylic. She has always given the proceeds from her works to charity – for Zenzi Glatt, art and helping others is the secret to a long life.