Wear your city


The buildings of Piazza della Vittoria become tapestry, the houses of the Semirurali quarter an apron, the baroque elements on the front of the Mercantile Museum are transformed into purses: a whole town is transposed into fabric, clothes, accessories and home-decorations. These are the tangible results of the workshop organised by Museion and the charity „La Rotonda”. The works of Rita Attard, Carla De Vita, Ilia Gianella, Mariangela Todesco, Graziella Orsaniti, Antonella Pagliuso, Angela Riocci, Luciana Tenan will be displayed in Cubo Garutti.


Curated by Frida Carazzato and Ivo Corrà.

Special thanks to the group Creazione Laboratorio Manualità of Associazione La Rotonda.


Workshop “Wear your city”
Piccolo Museion-Cubo Garutti
Via Sassari 17/b


07_Museion Cubo Garutti_Foto Luca Meneghel04_Museion Cubo Garutti_Foto Luca Meneghel08_Museion Cubo Garutti_Foto Luca Meneghel010_Museion Cubo Garutti_Foto Luca Meneghel