Mut for Love

We’re looking for love messages to project on the Museion media facade

On until 31st May 2015.

Who has never dreamed of receiving, or making, an ostentatious declaration of love? Something to shout from the rooftops.

Thanks to a new project called “Mut for Love” everyone can immortalize their words of love. Or at least try to do so.

Apart from millionaire-style gestures like buying a whole page in a newspaper to say “I love you”, or paying for a banner towed by a plane, us lesser mortals are pretty much left with the conventional channels. A card, or – age and level of bravado permitting – a scribble of graffiti on a wall. Now, thanks to Museion’s new project, your declaration of love could be immortalized as part of a genuine work of art. “Mut for Love” (courage for love) is the name of the project, which was conceived by Studio Mut, a.k.a. Thomas Kronbichler and Martin Kerschbaumer. The young Bolzano-based creatives were invited by Museion to come up with a new video for the media façade.

“At first we thought about copying graffiti from walls around the city, and transferring the messages onto the biggest canvas in Bolzano, the façade of Museion. Then we decided to expand the idea and get people actively involved by means of an online platform. We like to see it as a declaration of love to our city.”

This all led to the creation of . From now until the end of May the site will be collecting declarations of love: anyone can take part, in complete anonymity, with a letter, poem, haiku or even marriage proposal. Studio Mut will select seven of the entries, and the chosen phrases will be converted into animations and short films to become part of the video screened this August on the Museion façade. As well as the video, limited edition posters featuring the messages will be printed.

With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, it’s time to take heart and find “Mut for Love”.


Museion and Studio Mut invite you to take part in “Mut for Love”.
All you need to do is upload your declaration of love on
Participation is free and anonymous.


Studio Mut

Martin Kerschbaumer (Bolzano, 1988) and Thomas Kronbichler (Bolzano, 1985) worked in London, Lisbon and Berlin before setting up the “Mut” design studio in Bolzano in 2014. The firm has both local and international clients, from the Royal College of Art in London to the companies Plank and ewo and the Technische Universität Berlin. The young designers boast several awards and accolades, including “Graphis Poster Annual 2014”; “Type Directors Club New York” (2013), and “100 Beste Plakate Deutschland Österreich Schweiz”(2010). According to Studio Mut graphic design is the art form of the twenty-first century, and as a result they see themselves not just as service providers, but genuine artists.



Image: Studio Mut, Simulation of the project “Mut for Love”, Museion, Media Facade, courtesy of the artists