Performance Chiara Fumai

Performance Chiara Fumai, Der Hexenhammer

05/02, 19/02, 12/03, 19/03, 09/04, 16/04, 6 pm

A live performance by the artist, closely related to the Museion venue and its exhibitions. On eight dates from January to April Fumai will take visitors on a tour of an exhibition by another artist, Rossella Biscotti, on in the same period on the fourth floor of the museum. Visitors should not expect a simple guided tour, however: Chiara Fumai overlaps and evokes fragments of recent history to bring alive the voice and story of the German journalist and terrorist Ulrike Meinhof.


The performances will be held in Italian. Admission free, booking is recommended.
To book, please contact
Tel. 0471/223.435



Photo: Luca Meneghel