ewoTALKS: Design & Design-Thinking

18⁄06⁄2015, 8.00 p.m.:
ewoTALKS: DESIGN & DESIGN-THINKING as a driving force for innovation and creativity in businesses?

The theme is inspired by the Martino Gamper exhibition “design is a state of mind”, currently on in Museion. The role of designers in processes of social change and how much design can really do today is a very topical question.

As Stephan Ott points out in his editorial in the current issue of the magazine “form”, design is first and foremost about creating relationships, forging connections and interconnections. This process is what sparked the design-thinking method, which sets out to open up new, original forms of collaboration between designers and businesses. In this sense, the discussion will explore different perspectives (on design) and what they mean for the world of business: how they translate into practice.

Guest speakers: the designer Jörg Boner from Zurich, Nitzan Cohen, designer and professor of product design at the Free University of Bolzano, and Stephan Ott, editor-in-chief of the Frankfurt-based design magazine “form”.


Moderation: Susanne Barta/ewo. In deutscher Sprache. Eintritt frei.

Museion Passage, 18⁄06⁄2015, 8.00 p.m.:

The conversation will be recorded by RAI Südtirol.




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Image: Stephan Ott, courtesy Stephan Ott.