Riccardo Benassi and Cristina Rizzo: Techno Casa Plus

Opening 09/07/2015,
9 pm conversation with Emanuele Masi, Director of Bolzano Danza, and the artists Cristina Rizzo and Riccardo Benassi
10 – 11.30 pm screening and dance performance

Further screenings: 16/07, 23/07, 30/07 10.00 p.m.

The video on the outside shows a sky, then a huge, loud psychedelic rainbow inhabited by animated technological devices and pieces of furniture – desks, chairs and stools – that flit around as if moving naturally. Inside, there are five dancers working on different pieces of gym equipment in time to music. Not a hallucination, but the strangely hypnotic sight that will greet visitors – or rather viewers – at the next event scheduled for Museion’s media façade.

Techno Casa Plus is an exploration of a number of dynamics of contemporary life, focusing in particular on our private space and how we furnish our homes. In the era of the smartphone and digital technology, our homes are becoming increasingly office-like, anodyne and standardized. And our offices are increasingly filled with technological devices that mediate our everyday experiences and propel us into another dimension. The spaces we live in have therefore lost their concreteness, in an ongoing process of dematerialisation.


Further screenings with dance performance: Thursday 16/07 and 23/07. Thursday 30/07, screening alone.
urated by Frida Carazzato. Techno Casa Plus is a coproduction by Museion and Bolzano Danza.


The work of Riccardo Benassi explores both audio and visual dimensions. Born in 1982 in Cremona on the banks of the river Po, he currently lives and works in Berlin, where he is shortly to begin a residency supported by Artisti per Frescobaldi at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien. His work has been acquired by various public and private collections in Italy and abroad, and has been exhibited in numerous institutions, including VeneKlasen/Werner, Berlin; Maxxi, Rome; Macro, Rome; MAMbo, Bologna; Marino Marini Museum, Florence; Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Berlin; PAC, Milan; NCCA, Moscow, and OCAT, Shanghai. Recent publications include Lettere dal sedile del passeggero quando nessuno è al volante (Mousse Publishing 2010), Briefly, Ballare (Danilo Montanari 2012), Attimi Fondamentali (Mousse Publishing 2012), Techno Casa (Errant Bodies 2015) and Sicilia Bambaataa (NERO Publishing 2015).

Cristina Rizzo Dancer, performer and choreographer based in Florence, Cristina Rizzo trained in New York at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance. Since returning to Italy she has worked on various collaborations, including with Teatro Valdoca, Roberto Castello, Stoa/Claudia Castellucci, Mk, Virgilio Sieni, Santasangre. She is one of the founders of Kinkaleri, the company she has been working with since 2007, active on the international contemporary choreographic scene. She has won numerous prizes and awards, including Lo Straniero and Ubu. Since 2008 she has been working independently on productions and experimental choreography. Cristina Rizzo will also be in Bolzano on 2nd, 3rd and 4th July at ar/ge Kunst with the choreographer and artist Valentina Desideri for the project “Studio Practice: On the Act of Reading”, while on 24th July in Bolzano Danza she will be presenting “Bolero Effect (Rapsodia_The long version)” with a live music set by Simone Bertuzzi.



Image: Cristina Rizzo and Riccardo Benassi, Techno Casa Plus, Museion Media Facade, 2015. Photo: Luca Meneghel, courtesy of the artists.