Francesco Vezzoli MUSEO MUSEION

Exhibition of Museion Collection: until 06/09/2016

Francesco Vezzoli is present as guest curator, with an exhibition of the Museion collection.

Vezzoli, one of the most internationally renowned Italian artists, is curating an exhibition on the Museion collection as guest curator. Entitled Museo Museion, the show is set to take over the whole of the Bolzano venue. Short-circuiting the history of art, he reinterprets part of the Museion collection by making it interface witrh masterpieces from Western art history kept in major European and American museums.

In the role of curator, the artist is presenting the first themed exhibition of the Museion collection, linking it up to historical masterpieces. by relating the collection to the past, Vezzoli forges new, multiple levels of interpretation of the works and reflects on the explicit and hidden connections in art and the interpretative frameworks ingrained in its system.

Foto: Luca Meneghel