Bruno Munari and Marcello Piccardo – Media Façade in August

Opening 04/08/2016
9 pm artist talk
10 – 11.30 pm video screening with live concert

The August screening on the media façade, curated by Frida Carazzato, presents videos by Bruno Munari and Marcello Piccardo set to music by Stefano Bernardi.

A slow-mo somersault, the pure colours of light broken down, and watching people on an escalator… these are the themes tackled in the four experimental works of the past shown on the media façade in August, accompanied by music rewritten and performed for the occasion by Stefano Bernardi.

Additional screenings:
11/08, 18/08, 25/08 , 10-11.30 pm

Bruno Munari, Marcello Piccardo, Tempo nel tempo, 1964, videostill, courtesy of the artists. Foto: Luca Meneghel