artiparlando: Horst Bredekamp

8.00 pm
In German

Horst Bredekamp is one of the most authoritative and innovative art historians on the international scene.

The focus of the Museion talk is his illustrious initiative “Bild-Wissen-Gestaltung. Ein interdisziplinäres Labor”, the interdisciplinary laboratory he set up with the aim of moving beyond the dividing lines between humanistic disciplines and natural sciences. In line with this open approach, art historians, architects, designers and doctors study the fundamental role of images in a wide range of different sectors.

Projects include deploying images used in biology to analyse the decorative greenery depicted in Gothic art. New, unexpected connections can also be found between solid-state physics, hardware design, biology, architecture and product design.

The topics presented during the event are the focus of the book coauthored by Bredekamp entitled “Haare hören – Strukturen wissen – Räume agieren”, published last November. The talk is in German and admission is free.

Horst Bredekamp (Kiel, 1947) teaches History of Art at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin. He has been awarded the Sigmund-Freud-Preis for scientific writing, and for his outstanding contribution to art history he has received the Aby-M.-Warburg-Preis, the Max-Planck-Forschungspreis and the Richard-Hamann-Preis.