Cena Oltranzista at the Castle by the Lake

A co-production Transart – Museion
Presentation: 22/09/2016, 10.00 h
Public viewing – Live Stream @ Museion Foyer
22, 23 & 24/09, 10.00 – 22.00 h & museion.it/transart.it 

An opera without singers. The wonderful setting of the small castle at the Monticolo Lake in South Tyrol. A live streaming that repurposed elements of reality shows à la Big Brother. 11 guests that meet for a dinner inspired by La Cucina Futuristaby Marinetti & Fillìa. A sportswoman, a philosopher, an astrophysicist, a medical doctor, a singer, a designer, are led by the composer Luciano Chessa, who will accompany them throughout a journey, that touches upon meditation, storytelling, folkloric-ritual art, body art, Medieval mysteries, peep shows and much more… the group will undergo a two-days fasting that will culminate with a multisensorial Cena Oltranzista (extremist dinner). The final dinner is the only section of the opera in which a live audience is allowed to enter the castle.

Alessia Celentano > graphic designer

Cesare Pietrouisti > artist

Cristina Kristal Rizzo > dancemaker

Elena Kovylina > independent artist (ANNULLATO stiamo cercando SOSTITUTA)

Karen Putzer > alpine skiing World Cup champion & lawyer

Klaus Widmann > doctor and artistic director of Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige

Leopoldo Benacchio > astrophysicist

Luciano Chessa > composer, musician & performer

Margareth Kammerer > musician & performer

Nicola Perullo > Philosopher & professor of aesthetics at the University of Gastronomic Sciences

Peter Strietmann > director of photography


The live video feed will be shown in the Museion Foyer and on the Museion and Transart websites.