Media Façade in collaboration with Rimusicazioni Film Festival

Opening 15/09/2016
21.00 h artist talk
22.00 h screening and live concert

The September event is the final one in the 2016 series of screenings on the media façade, Pas de deux. This time the work in question involves a dialogue between artists from different generations, and a collaboration with the Bolzano-based Rimusicazioni Film Festival.

A genuine step back in time, into the history of art and film: movies and music have only been a pairing since 1908, and up to the mid 1920s music was played live during film screenings. The creators of the films screened in September also stand out for their technological innovations and experimental work.

The videos include the work by Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack, Kreuzspiel, which concerns the reconstruction of a machine for light shows designed in the mid 20s; Ein Lichtspiel schwarz-weiss-grau of 1930 by László Moholy-Nagy, which contains clear references to light effects; the film Filmstudie (1926) by Hans Richter, renowned for his experimentation with abstract and moving forms in the first half of the last century, and lastly the video Blue Movie by Marc Adrian, which belongs to a later generation but undoubtedly bears the legacy of the aforementioned experimental works. Adrian was also one of the first artists to use computers during his artistic practice. The screenings will be accompanied by the musical research of Tiziano Popoli, artistic director of the Rimusicazioni Film Festival, and musician and teacher, and the composer and multi-instrumentalist Vincenzo Vasi, who will perform a live concert in front of the façade.

On 15th September, before the screenings and concert, there will be an artist talk with curator Frida Carazzato, Tiziano Popoli and Vincenzo Vasi.

Additional screenings: 22 & 29/09/2016, 22.00 h

Image: Hans Richter, Filmstudie, 1926. Courtesy of Hans Richter Estate and Deutsche Kinemathek, Berlin. Foto: Luca Meneghel