Marilù Eustachio: Taccuini 1986 – 2005

Opening: 27/10/2016
19.30 h
The artist is present

The painter, photographer and graphic artist Marilù Eustachio, born in Merano/Meran in 1934, has lived since her childhood in Rome. After painting in an abstract style for many years, in the 1970s she found a very personal form of figuration, which sometimes takes the form of a confrontation with literary texts. The artist is represented in the Museion collection with a number of works.

Since the 1980s, she has kept an artistic diary in which drawings and handwritten notes run parallel: over the years, 220 such “taccuini” have been created. In the context of the particular attention that Museion has been devoting, for some years now, to the artist book, the last 130 of these Taccuini are being put on show.

The Taccuini, in which a monumental work is ultimately created from daily entries, are revealing about Marilù Eustachio’s many and varied approaches to graphic art or, as the case may be, to works on paper: the spectrum ranges from India ink and pastel drawings across collage to the photocopy and the ready-made. The targeted deployment of color plays an important part in this process. In individual cases, the drawings contain the ideas for later pictures. In the manner of a continuous “stream of consciousness”, the Taccuini provide an insight into Marilù Eustachio’s reflections on art, literature, everyday objects, situations, and people.

Until 20/11/2016

Image: Marilù Eustachio