Opening: Idioma

Opening 09/03/2017, 19.30 h
Jam Session & street food @ Museion Underground: 20 – 22 h
After session @ Temple Bar: 22 – 01 h

The exhibition marks the conclusion of the European project Museum as Toolbox.

An idiom can refer to the language of a specific country, but also a dialect, regional vernacular or mode of expression. In this sense, the title of the exhibition reflects the spirit that inspired this project, which sets out to forge dialogue and communication not only among museums in different European countries, but also artists, young people and professionals in various sectors, from art to journalism, curators to marketing experts, who all contributed with their own different languages.

The theme of the exhibition is communication as an exchange, the creation of a relationship in time and space that offers insight into different dimensions and inner worlds. The exhibition, designed and promoted by the young participants, presents works from the Museion collection and by five artists who participated in the European residencies set up by the project: Luigi Coppola, Aldo Giannotti, NGO Lasnaidee, Oaza Collective, Marcin Polak.

Museion took part in Translocal: Museum as Toolbox together with Kunsthaus Graz (Austria), KUMU Tallinn (Estonia), MSU Zagreb (Croatia) and MS Lodz (Poland).

Foto: Museion