FOLK-S_I’ll be your mirror version

Media Façade with Alessandro Sciarroni and Karim Zeriahen

A circle of dancers, and the repeated sounds of hands striking legs and shoes: a few, precise movements in a dance that lasts as long as the dancers hold out. FOLK-S is the contemporary performance by Alessandro Sciarroni inspired by the Schuhplattler, the typical folk dance of Bavaria and Tyrol.
The work, defined by the artist as “a performative and choreographic practice on the passing of time” views dance as a set of rules, a strict regime and ancient philosophy.
The performance takes place inside Museion, while outside the building the media façade will be screening a video by the artist Karim Zeriahen. This piece draws on a group dance experience involving twelve children, once again based on the Schuhplattler.

9 pm: Talk with the artists
10 pm: Screening and performance
Additional dates: 20/07 and 27/07 at 10 pm

Choreography by Alessandro Sciarroni

Performers: Anna Bragagnolo, Marco D’Agostin, Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld, Matteo Ramponi, Alessandro Sciarroni, Francesco Vecchi

Video by Karim Zeriahen with the participation of: Giorgia Alberti, Felizitas Andresen, Daniel Casciaro, Anhelina Danilenka, Lara de Guelmi, Greta Lintner, Tamara Franconieri, Elia Ferremi, Marco Ferremi, Dzimitry Ihnatsenka, Palina Shunkina, Emma Strain, Marharyta Veramyova.
And Siegfried Abraham.

Coproduced by Museion and Bolzano Danza | Tanz Bozen
In collaboration with ARGE Volkstanz


Foto: Luca Meneghel