Musica per un giorno

Musica per un giorno

Musica per un giorno

Canedicoda / Roberta Mosca

Performance in collaboration with Tanz Bozen Bolzano Danza
Saturday, July, 14th. Start at 2pm (Duration 24 hours)

Works of art you can enter and move through; that affect our senses and envelop us, or can even be used in some way: this is the idea behind the show “Installation Art”, the exhibition of pieces from the Museion collection that are immersive in nature and invite the public to physically engage with them.
Alongside the exhibition, Museion, in collaboration with Bolzano Danza, presents an event featuring the multidisciplinary artist Canedicoda and the choreographer, dancer and performer Roberta Mosca, entitled Musica per un giorno (Music for a day). As the title suggests, the project is a lengthy action, set to last an impressive 24 hours – from 2 pm on Saturday 14th July to 2 pm the next day, Sunday 15th. As in the exhibition, the public are once more invited to enjoy an immersive experience that is extended and subtle.

“Musica per un giorno” (Music for a day) is not conceived as a concert or a dance performance; rather it is a deeply immersive opportunity for exploration, a chance to delve into moods, conditions, limits and perceptions. We wanted to create a new spatial and temporal experience, something that is both unsettling and challenging, yet at the same time recognisable, reassuring or familiar in some way…”, explain the artists.

The audience can go in and out as they wish from the performance space on the lower ground floor of Museion, which will also be set up with pillows and mattresses to rest on. The idea is to open up to an extended, relaxed experience, where verbal communication is not permitted, to make space for our inner voice, mindful observation and the breath. An opportunity to perceive the passing of time. The audience will also be able to browse a folder containing the musings, writings, emails and text messages that the artists exchanged while preparing the project and after each time it was staged.

The Museion event is the third presentation of Musica per un giorno – the first was in 2016 in Spazio O’ in Milan, while in 2017 it went on show in Raum in Bologna.

It is the artists’ intention that this 24 hour performance be repeated once a year for 24 years, and in this sense Musica per un giorno is conceived as an ongoing process, occupying the space of a day over the years.


Roberta Mosca. Dance artist, performer and coach, Roberta has worked with various companies in Italy and abroad; since 2000 she has been choreographer and performer for Ballet Frankfurt and The Forsythe Company. Recently she has collaborated with various artists and dance groups including MAMAZA, MK, Laurent Chétouane, Canedicoda, Chris Newman, Effetto Larsen, Yannis Mandafounis, Fabrice Mazliah, Elena Giannotti, Martin Schick and Bruce Myers. In 2016, she and seven other artists founded HOOD, an ensemble that explores dance and the relationships between artistic languages and settings. Some of the events and places where her projects have been presented: Théâtre de la Bastille Paris, HAU Berlin, Acker stadt palast Berlin, Tanzhaus Düsseldorf, Venice Biennale, ADC Ginevra, Villa Manin Udine and Kampnagel Hamburg.

Canedicoda. A multidisciplinary artist who is active in music, performance, design and fashion. His creative universe is rich and ever-changing, but always instantly recognisable. A pivotal figure in the circulation of multiple innovative, minority currents in art, style and music (such as Piattaforma Fantastica), he boasts numerous collaborations with labels, non-profit spaces, collectives and individual artists from Italy and abroad. Since 2003 Canedicoda has been engaged in his own personal research into language, style and method, working with Marsèll and Marselleria, Netmage Festival, Live Arts Week, Le Dictateur, Plusdesign Gallery, C2C, Istituto Svizzero, Nero Magazine, Fondazione Bonotto, Viafarini, Far Festival and others. Since 2015 he has taught a course on hand-made accessories at the NABA art school in Milan.


In collaboration with Bolzano Danza
Free entry


Foto: Luca Ghedini, courtesy Xing/Raum