Roni Horn @Cubo Garutti

Roni Horn @Cubo Garutti

28/05 – 05/08/2019

My Heart upon a Little Plate is a poem by Emily Dickinson and the inspiration behind a series of minimalist sculptures by Roni Horn.

These consist of a number of aluminium bars with lines from the poem My Heart upon a Little Plate printed on one side and the same letters presented as a series of rhythmic lines on the other. The sculptures’ black and white characters, shapes and materials – plastic and aluminium – all recall American minimalism.
Since the late 1980s Roni Horn has dedicated various works to Emily Dickinson. Here, words that have already been used by the artist, become actual objects.

The American artist’s work has always investigated the subtle line between the visible and invisible, identity and mutability, and here it meets the sensibility with which Dickinson described the world around her in the late nineteenth century.

The exhibition is the second event in a series of presentations featuring works from the Museion Collection that focus on words and texts.

curated by Frida Carazzato

Roni Horn, When Dickinson Shut Her Eyes # 1027 My Heart upon a Little Plate, (Detail), 1993. Fondazione Museion. Collezione Enea Righi