Contemporary Art Day AMACI

Foto Luca Meneghel

Contemporary Art Open Days

An open day with special meetings and a lit-up Façade.
Saturday, 12/10/2019, 10-20h


Saturday 12th October 2019 the Contemporary Art Day: an event which seeks to bring contemporary art to a wider public and is promoted all over Italy by the AMACI (Association of Contemporary Italian Art Museums), this year celebrates its fifteenth edition. Museion will take part in this one-day art festival and participate in the exhibition promoted by AMACI museums of the artist Eva Marisaldi, by displaying on the ground floor of the Museion, the artwork “X e il disegno della cancellazione” (1996). On this special day, Museion will also offer for the entire day free admission to exhibitions and a video screening on the Media Façade of the artwork Appropriazione (sole in mano) by Marinella Pirelli
In the afternoon, visitors will also be invited to take part in conversations about art, where mediators will be on hand to talk about the works on display and discuss and answer questions and queries about contemporary art in general. In the Oscillations exhibition by Marguerite Humeau, that has just been opened, there will be a special in-depth look at art and archaeology in collaboration with the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology.

In the “Doing Deculturalization” exhibition, Frida Carazzato (Museion) will lead a special guided tour, together with the critic and lecturer Barbara Casavecchia. This will include an exploration of the various themes in the exhibition by mapping a path, from the past to the present, of different feminist positions and how the heritage of historic feminism has been collected and owned by Italian and non-Italian artists, like the Claire Fontaine collective, Beatrice Marchi and others. The “Contemporary Art Day” will end with the lights of the Media Façade and a screening of the work Appropriazione (sole in mano), 1970-73 by Marinella Pirelli. The film shows the hands of the artist playing with the sun as if it were a camera lens. An image that calls into question a classic symbolic order, like that of the sun as a male principle of life. The screening is part of the exhibition Doing Deculturalization.

10–20 h  Unveiling of the work “X and the design of cancellation”, 1996 by the artist Eva Marisaldi
For the exhibition organised by the AMACI member museums

14 – 20 h Conversations about the art in the exhibitions

Exhibition Marguerite Humeau, Oscillations: guided tour and talk with experts from the Bolzano Archaeological Museum 
16-17h (ITA) / 17-18 (DE)

18.30 – 19.45 h : Exhibition “Doing Deculturalization”: Guided tour with Frida Carazzato (Museion) and Barbara Casavecchia, critic, lecturer and journalist (ITA)

20 – 21 h Museion Media Façade: Video screening, Marinella Pirelli, Appropriazione (sole in mano), 1973

12 ⁄ 10 ⁄ 2019, Free admission 10 – 20 h