#TeleMuseion #MuseionCalling: Tomaso Binga responds with “Sogno o Segno”

Tomaso Binga, "Sogno o Segno", 2020

With “#MuseionCalling” the artists exhibiting at Museion make their voices “heard” during the current lockdown. The artist Tomaso Binga answered Museion’s call with a hitherto unpublished composition that is full of energy.


molto quagGiù ho da fare…!/ il Virus debellare…! / bollette da pagare…!


Tomaso Binga (b. Salerno 1931, lives and works in Rome) is recognized as one of the major exponents of 1970s Italian visual poetry and performance. The artist has taken a male name to deliberately cause confusion and ironically contest the privileges of the male world. She is an active member of the visual writing movement and a leading figure in phonetic-sound-performance poetry. She has published widely and works together with a diverse range of sometimes unusual figures, such as her recent creative liaison with Maria Grazia Chiuri, the Art Director of Maison Dior.

Her work is currently on display in the exhibition “Intermedia. Archivio di Nuova Scrittura”