#TeleMuseion #TimeAndSpace

Foto Luca Meneghel

A new series of meetings inspired by two concepts that are currently changing for all of us: time and space
with director Letizia Ragaglia

Museion launches its new series of daily events entitled “Time and Space” in which the director Letizia Ragaglia reviews works and artists that have changed, amplified and enhanced the idea of time and space.

The series follows the themes of the exhibitions at Museion and is inspired by the concept of “heterotopia”. Elaborated by Michel Focault in the 1960s, heterotopia defines a location full of alternative or “other” potential, which includes cinemas, theatres and museums.

The artist Massimo Bartolini will open the series with the installation “The Third Policeman” created for the Light Lab exhibition (2005) in the “old” Museion complex in Via Sernesi.


#TeleMuseion #TimeAndSpace


Massimo Bartolini, “The third Policeman”


Klara Lidén, “Boxbox”


Micol Assaël, „Fomuška”


Tatiana Trouvé, “I Cento Titoli”


Marguerite Humeau, “Oscillations”


Ana Lupas, “Coat for reaching the Heaven”


Monica Bonvicini,
“I Believe in the Skin of Things as in that of Women”