#TeleMuseion #MuseionCalling: Interview with Karin Sander

Karin Sander, Karin Sander 1:5, mirrored, 2018, © the artist & VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019

The artist Karin Sander ends her series of interviews for the #TeleMuseion initiative. Her exhibition, entitled “Skulptur/ Sculpture/ Scultura” will be on display, from May 29th onwards, when Museion opens its doors to the public again.


Have you got a photo or a phrase for the current situation?

On one hand, from Berlin, I watch with fascination the elusive changes that this crisis has provoked as they touch on all sectors of life right across the world. And I find the way our society is reacting to it all very striking. On the other hand, I am naturally worried because this pandemic means life changes that are both serious and sometimes even threatening for many people.

For me, personally, these changes are not particularly serious. OK, I’ve had to turn my kitchen table into an office, but I can work anywhere – while I’m travelling or in my studio. So, I’m actually quite enjoying this time when I’m in one place only and I don’t have to travel anywhere. I can still withdraw, too – as I usually do – when I work. What remains extremely irritating, however, is the impossibility of making any plans, as this forces us to remain fixed in the immediate present.


 Can you recommend a book, an activity or a piece of music?

Cultural institutions are currently putting numerous experiences online. So, I’ve seen streamed concerts by the Berlin Philharmonic and plays by the Berlin Schaubühne theatre. I have also visited the Vienna opera house, the Performance Space New York, and other places. I think it is really fantastic what these institutions are offering to a worldwide public, as it allows us to experience culture together, despite this pandemic.