Corona Collage: the artist Karin Sander invites the public to take part in her virtual exhibition

Karin Sander, "Skulptur/Sculptur/Scultura". Courtesy of the artist and Esther Schipper. Foto Tiberio Sorvillo / Lineematiche creative lab

Which images helped you survive lockdown? What photographs did you take in these long months of quarantine – at home or in the few times you went out? The artist Karin Sander is currently inviting the public to share their photos of this period of emergency with her and display them as part of a virtual version of her exhibition at Museion. Every participant will receive, in return, a photograph taken by the artist as well as a certificate of authenticity.

With the German artist Karin Sander’s exhibition “Skulptur/Sculpture/Scultura” on 29th May Museion opened its doors again to the public after the Covid emergency lockdown. In parallel with the “physical” exhibition at Museion the artist immediately launched a virtual version of the exhibition, which can be seen on her YouTube channel.

As often happens in her art, Karin Sander is now inviting visitors and anyone else who is interested to take an active part in an exchange of pictures, to create what the artist calls a “Corona Collage”.

How does it work? Just send a digital photograph taken during lockdown via email to the address: Karin Sander will then pur the photos together and display them as part of her virtual exhibition at Museion. The virtual tour will be updated every week with the latest images to arrive. The artist will not change the images in anyway. So, everyone can see their own “photographic work” on display. If they want, the participants can choose to display their names as well. But it doesn’t finish there. To create a genuine exchange, those who send in an image will receive in return, via e-mail, a photograph taken by the artist during lockdown, including a certificate of authenticity.


So, take part in Karin Sander’s “Corona Collage” exhibition by sending a digital photograph taken during lockdown with as high a resolution as possible to the e-mail address:


Virtual exhibition tour available through the weekly updated
(with VR glasses)


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