Cubo Garutti – Piccolo Museion: European Project Art Works! – European Culture of Resistance and Liberation

Work groups from Berlin and Zagreb on display at the Cubo Garutti

From 04.08.2020 to 27.09.2020

As part of the European project “Art Works! European Culture of Resistance and Liberation” the Cubo Garutti – Piccolo Museion in via Sassari in Bolzano continues to host art created by the groups of young participants. The project is based on the theme of resistance in terms of both universal values and contemporary definitions.
It is a project that Museion has partnered in together with the Stiftung wanseeFORUM in Berlin, the Verein HASENHERZ in Vienna, the Zeithistorisches Zentrum Melk Memorial (A) and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.
The journey taken by these young people, along with the artists invited by each partner to accompany them, has led to the creation of a series of collective artworks as well as an exhibition tour in which they will be displayed in the various institutions involved. From 4th August to 27th September, the Cubo will display the works ON THE DOORSTEP and Resistance Then And Now, created by the groups from Berlin and Zagreb.

“ON THE DOORSTEP” is a video in seven chapters on the resistance in Berlin during Nazism. Starting from different locations, a series of photographs and transcripts create various itineraries throughout the city that recreate the complex system of violence activated by the Nazis in the city of Berlin. In the immediate vicinity of these locations, other people continued to resist the Nazi regime despite the grave risks that this entailed. The chapters in the video appear as a succession of visual records of actions linked to this historical resistance and the personal accounts of war, flight, exile, immigration and isolation experienced by the young people who took part in the project.

“Resistance Then And Now”, on the other hand, consists of two works, a banner and a pamphlet, created by the young people from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. The collage of texts and images on the satin banner and in the graphics of the pamphlet creates a connection between the actions and marked presence of leading women in resistance movements and the slogans from current protests in Croatia. The aim of the group, in fact, was to identify contemporary resistance to current fascisms using the
aesthetics of protest posters which are a public expression of our hard-won freedom of speech.

Foto Luca Guadagnini /Lineematiche

Sajad Bayeqra, Salma Jaber, Raha Shegeft, Nora Richter, Hamid Mohammadi, Ziyad Ahmed, Marcelina
Massenbach, Atau Hámos
In co-creation with Katja Pratschke

Co-authors: Lorena Arnautović, Lara Bekić, Helena Bosnić, Celina Damjanović, Mirta Mesić, Fran Polak,
Stella Poljak, Tea Pintar, Mateja Radoš, Ana Uremović
Resistance Then And Now, 2020
banner (stampa su raso, pali di legno / Druck auf Fahnenstoff, Holzstangen / print on satin and wooden
poles, 150 x 200 cm)

Lara Bekić, Helena Bosnić, Celina Damjanović, Mirta Mesić, Stella Poljak, Mateja Radoš
mentored by OKO
Resistance Then And Now, 2020
Opuscoli / Broschüren / Pamphlets



Art Works! Performances are co-financed by:
Viertelfestival Niederösterreich

The project was made possible by the generous support:
Zukunftsfonds der Republik Österreich
National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism
Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jungend und Familie, Berlin
Kunst im öffentlichem Raum, Niederösterreich