Museion Bulletin, a new voice

Bart van der Heide, Museion Director. Photo Luca Guadagnini / Lineematiche

I am happy to present Museion Bulletin: a new voice that delves below the surface of the Museion program to establish a more independent institutional consciousness inform by the active and diverse cultural ecosystem. Each issue is theme-driven and collects personal perspectives from inside and outside the museum that range from cultural memory to the social debates and inter-disciplinary alliances that impact today’s cultural landscape. Museion Bulletin will generate regular content in the form of articles, extended captions, interviews and other material that will all be shared on our website and in a special newsletter.

The current and upcoming exhibitions at Museion, of Sonia Leimer, Christian Chironi and Erling Kagge’s private collection, share a loose affinity when it comes to exploration, movement and memory. For this reason, we have chosen these interests as our inspiration for the first issues of the Bulletin, in which we will explore ideas of community,  interaction, borders and the sustainability of human action…

As such, the first issue is inspired by Erling Kagge’s thought-generating harmony between motion and emotion. In a video interview, the renowned explorer, author and publisher tells us about the role that both contemporary art and exploration can play in making our lives a little more difficult. We also look at artists such as Gianpietro Fazion, Hamish Fulton or Richard Long that have turned walking into an art form and independently left a lasting footprint in the local area and the Museion collection. This theme continues in the bibliography that will feature in each issue.

My sincere gratitude goes to all the people who contributed to realising this issue of the Bulletin: the Museion team, the authors and, last but not least, the translators.

Enjoy your reading!

Bart van der Heide, Museion Director