Filosofia del camminare: esercizi di meditazione mediterranea, Duccio Demetrio

“Walking is a path, an instinct, a vocation that goes beyond what our feet let us do, in both exceptional occasions and every day. If we experience our thought process in a feverish way, we can say that our intelligence walks. It doesn’t know where it’s going, but it walks. When we realise that something in our life has to change, we say we are struggling to get back on track. If we are not happy with what our daily life offers us, we get up and look somewhere else for something that will make our day less trite.” (pp. 27- 28)
Duccio Demetrio, Professor of Philosophy of Education at the University of Milano-Bicocca, and founder and director of the Free University of Autobiography and the Academy of Silence at Anghiari. He has recently published “Foliage: vagabondare in autunno” (Foliage: wandering in Autumn.

Duccio Demetrio
Filosofia del camminare: esercizi di meditazione mediterranea
Milan: Raffaello Cortina Editore, 2005
ISBN: 9788870789744
Italian-language Edition
292 pages