“Bolzano Drive” – From Orani to Bolzano in a Fiat 127

03.10.2020, 10am – 6pm

The meaning of being in and living a place, but also of travelling through different areas and landscapes are at the centre of Cristian Chironi’s art that is conceived first and foremost as a physical challenge.

This is why the project “Picnic” for the Cubo begins with the journey the artist will make from Orani (Sardinia) to Bolzano in his Fiat 127 Special (aka “The Chameleon”). This very special car will also be used in his first “Bolzano Drive” performance, on Saturday 3rd October, in which the artist will give a series of tours through Bolzano. In the company of a co-pilot and two members of the public sitting in the back, the artists and his passengers will share their stories and views of the city.

The performance is organised in collaboration with the “Bolzanism Museum”, a sort of museum spread throughout the Don Bosco district that was set up by the Cristallo Theatre, Cooperativa 19 and Campomarzio. At 6pm, at the end of the Bolzano Drive tour, the public is invited to come to the finissage of the 2020 season of the Bolzanism Museum, in the square in front of the Cristallo Theatre.


To take part in the Fiat 127 tour with the artist, write to visitorservices@museion.it or phone 0471 22 34 13