Philosophy for Polar Explorers, Erling Kagge

“You were born an explorer”

“My hope is that this little book will help you-irrespective of your age or gender-to find your own North Pole, your own Mount Everest, your own dream. It can feel both unpleasant and somewhat risky to change your own world. […] But perhaps it’s even more risky to do nothing and not to try to discover how good life can be. (p. 8)
With this aim, Erling Kagge, the Norwegian explorer, writer, editor, lawyer and art curator guides us through stories of grand enterprises, daily anecdotes and philosophical reflections to encourage us to reconsider what our limits are and to face up bravely to difficult situations and choices even in everyday lives.

Erling Kagge
Philosophy for Polar Explorers. Sixteen Life Lessons to Help You Take Stock and Recalibrate
Translated by Steven Kenneth
Original title: Alt jeg ikke lærte på skolen
London: Viking, 2019
ISBN: 9780241404867
English-language Edition
208 pages