Walkscapes: walking as an aesthetic practice, Francesco Careri

Francesco Careri, born in Rome in 1966 and member of the Stalker/ON nomad observatory, treats walking as a form of art in a historic excursus that ranges from the erratic journeying of palaeolithic man to menhirs, from the urban explorations of the Dadaists and Surrealists to the “psycho-geography” of the Situationists, and from Constant and his “New Babylon” right up to land art and the recent “transurbanza” initiatives practised in the contemporary city by the Stalker group. In the author’s own words. “The aim is to indicate walking as an aesthetic tool capable of describing and modifying those metropolitan spaces that often have a nature still demanding comprehension, to be filled with meaning rather designed and filled with things”. (p. 32)

Francesco Careri
Walkscapes: walking as an aesthetic practice
Translated by Steven Piccolo
Ames, IA: Culicidae Architectural Press, 2017
ISBN: 9781683150084
English-language Edition
202 pages