I’m Back, Cristian Chironi

What do the famous architect Le Corbusier Orani – a village in the Barbagia region located in the heart of Sardinia, the sculptor Costantino Nivola and a FIAT 127 painted according to Le Corbusier chromatic color scheme of Le Corbusier have in common?
The answer is Cristian Chironi; the Orani-born artist has united these elements, inspired by a personal experience, a literal and metaphorical journey from his island home to the continent and back in a legendary Fiat 127, which had been transformed into a mobile artwork. Driving the car in the company of temporary passengers, he traced the steps of Le Corbusier’s Italian journey, focusing on both human and urban landscapes.
A polyglot with a talent for performance, photography, video, drawing and oral narration, Chironi also encourages viewers to reflect on the idea of memory and travel by alternating between fiction and reality. The curator Silvia Fanti commented, “All that remains is to enjoy this small, pocket-size book. Thumb through and read it, following its curved or zigzag course.” (p. 115)

Cristian Chironi
I’m Back
Edited by Silvia Fanti, Fondazione Museo Nivola

Milan: Postmedia Books, 2018
ISBN: 9788874902088
Bilingual edition: Italian, English
116 pages