Museion Ink. meets Bolzanism Museum

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Thursday 22nd October in the Don Bosco district and Cubo Garutti – 5 – 7 pm
Tuesday 27th October in the Don Bosco district, 5 – 7 pm
Thursday 12th November at the Museion Passage, 5 – 7pm

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In collaboration with the Bolzanism Museum, Museion presents three special meetings of Museion Ink, a creative writing workshop aimed at young people aged 18 and above who are interested in writing as an instrument of personal expression.
During these meetings they will be able to explore the concepts of public and private space, perception of the body and habitat. Starting from these points for reflection, the participants will be invited to produce written texts, which will then be used as a base to plan urban explorations inside the Bolzanism Museum in 2021.

Museion Ink. is a creative writing workshop that is held at Museion every second Thursday of the month. It allows participants to engage with artistic, social and aesthetic issues through free, personal and experimental writing.

“Museion Ink. meets Bolzanism Museum” is a project organized in collaboration with the Bolzanism Museum, an open air museum based in the Don Bosco suburban district of Bolzano. The activities organized by this museum include exciting and interactive urban exploration trails that are part theatre play, part narrated story and part performance. The guides for these activities are young people who have undertaken a theatre course at the Corto Circuito Youth Center at the Cristallo Theatre.

A Museion & Bolzanism Museum & Teatro Cristallo shared project with the Corto Circuito Youth Center, Cooperativa 19 and Campomarzio.


Free admission
Maximum number of participants: 18
Reservation required: